Locked Menus for the First Try and then Unlocked after visiting


Can anyone tell me whether there is a script that I can write that allows for users to go through my course first time with  the menu locked so they have to visit each page after the first time doing the course but then afterwards when they visit the course, they are free to navigate the course freely?


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Antony Snow

Hi Natasha - welcome to Heroes!

You can apply 3 different navigation restrictions to your project via the Player.

If you click on Player, select Menu and then click on the cog icon, this will open the Menu Options window where you will find a drop down for navigation restrictions:

  • Free: Allows learners to navigate to any part of your course at any time by clicking on the titles in the menu to navigate to any part of the course at any time.
  • Restricted: Allows learners to view the current slide and any slides they've previously viewed, but not the slides they haven't yet viewed.
  • Locked: Learners can only view the slides in the order you've designed via branching. The menu becomes a guide to what slides are in your course rather than a navigation tool.

It sounds like you would want to apply the restricted setting? 

Ren Gomez

Hi Laura,

Thanks for sharing your experience! I just ran a quick test and noticed some similar behavior when the quiz questions are within a question bank. Is this how your course is set up? If so, it looks like you may be running into a bug we have reported!

If not, I'd like to have our support team review your file and determine if a workaround can be found. Feel free to share it in a case, and they'll start testing as soon as possible.

Laura Ingle

No question bank used. Just freeform quizzes. But, I think I figured it out. It was the menu item in the player. I had a header for the Knowledge Check, but no child under it, so when I selected the first slide of the Knowledge Check to go under the Parent header of the knowledge check it worked. If I didn't have a child under that header it wouldn't unlock.

Was a menu set up issue. Working fine now. Thanks!