Viewing a screen a second time

Oct 19, 2016

Hello there!

I want the learner to be restricted to not be able to navigate forward through the course until they have viewed the entire slide.  After viewing the entire slide then the next button would then be enabled/active. 

*What I did with this was in the Player for menu option I select Navigation Restriction to "Restricted"

Okay then the question:  When a learner goes back to re-visit a previously viewed slide, I don't want them to be locked in to have to view the full slide content when it is their second visit to the slide.  Meaning as long as they viewed it the first time, on second visit I want the player NEXT button to be enabled to allow them to proceeds forward anytime they desire.

Would I need to write a variable for each slide (a true/false variable) and then have a trigger to disabled the next button when timeline starts on condition the variable is equal to false and ANOTHER trigger to change the state of the Next Button to normal when variable changes to be equal to true.

Is there another solution or does it mean a variable for each slide?

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