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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Phil,

It looks like you may have replied via email, but attachments or images are not included  in forum replies when sent via email. If you'd like to share the image here you can visit the forum page to reattach it. Also, you're welcome to share the .story file here as well for us to take a look at. 

Phil Robinson

This is what I have going on. I have the Hollywood Squares on the left. This graphic is replicated on eight separate layers.

As soon as the timeline ends on this base layer, the state of the first box turns green. All subsequent layers do the same for the next layer.

Audio instructions tell the student to click each green box. When they do, they advance to the next layer for additional content.

Each layer as its own audio.

I have a variable set up that tracks if each box (button) has been selected. If they attempt to move ahead by clicking the NEXT button on the player, they receive a lightbox warning sending them back.


The client has recently decided to have each layer locked down.  Even thou the boxes don’t turn green until the end of the respective timeline, they could click the next box, cut the audio short, and move ahead. The client does not want this. He wants to force the user to hear every audio before advancing. In other words, not until the box turns green.

I have attached  the story file for reference.

Phil Robinson



That is so clean. If I had the time, I would certainly redo this screen using a different approach. The problem is I have five more just like it. I noticed I’m not able to click the second or third box to advance to the next layer before the end of the timeline (media completes). How did you do that?