Locking Steps in a Slider

Mar 15, 2023

I’m building a course containing a slider, and it appears the learner can drag past the first step, all the way to the end of the slider, and back up again. This is tripping up the audio. The slider consists of four consecutive steps.

is there a way to lock a slider so the learner cannot manipulate it past the first step until fully viewed and so on? Although we can lock layers, the learner can still play around with the slider. We need the learner to only be able to slide to step 1, then sliding to step 2 becomes available after viewing step 1, and so on. 


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Laura Parenti

Hi Walt,

I am having a similar issue as the original poster. I downloaded the file you attached, but I still don't understand what you mean by using clicks. Do you mean to add objects (the arrows in this case) to move the slider? I don't want to add something visible that the learner clicks on; is there another method? 

Thanks in advance!

Walt Hamilton

The slider is disabled to prevent the learner from moving it farther than they should, or moving it when they shouldn't. Clicking on the objects changes the variable value by one with each click.

While I understand that dragging a slider is more glamorous and maybe aesthetically pleasing, there are some pretty solid reasons for clicking an object (like the arrows).  Sliders are not always the best for accessibility, and are frequently problematic for learners using touch screens.

For those of you following along at home, Laura and I both found another answer at this post: