Slider process interaction with layers

May 27, 2016


I've created slider process interaction with layers like in the exemple

I have basic layer with instruction "Click and drag the slider to learn about each step." and I have 5 different layers for 5 different steps.

I want to show each layer(step) when learner moves the slider.

I've set up the slider options like this:
Variable: slider 1
Update: When slider is dragged
End: 5
Step: 1

I've set up 5 triggers like in Nicole's exemple like this:
Show the layer 1
When Slider 1 modifications
If slider 1 is equal to 1,00

...and so on for each or 5 layers

The problem is that I don't have in the output the slider moving on each of 5 steps. It moves only to the middle and that's all. I suppose I didn't set up right the slider options. Could someone help me to unblock the situation? I can upload my source file if needed.

Thanks so much for advices!

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Ivana Vayleux

Thanks so much Michael, that was so fast! It works perfectly!

Just to understand what I did wrong and learn for the futur:  I had already duplicated sliders on my layers but your layers have grey background and slider. What did you do differently exactly? 

Many thanks again for your help Michael!

Michael Hinze

I removed the duplicate sliders and black background images from all slide layers, so that only the baselayer contains the slider and background image. In Storyline, when you view a layer the elements on the baselayer are shown as greyed out, but once you preview or publish, they will show up as intended.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Ivana -- So glad to see that Michael was able to assist! As I see that you are newer to the community and I am not sure how experienced you are with SL2, I thought I might pass along the following resources in case you'd find them helpful moving forward:

David Tappenden

Can anyone help please...

I am trying to create a slide that has different buttons, 1 and 2 in my example attached. When the user clicks on option 2, I want a slider to appear that the user can use to change content within the slide (within 3 specific layers).

I have done this in the past with using the base layer to hold the slider and this enables me to use the same slider when adding the variables, however I am having issues with it within multiple layers.

I have a theory of how to get around it, but wanted to see if I was missing a trick?



Heather Vogt

Hello! I'm also having Slider problems. I attached my project with a description of the problem, but here it is again:

I’d like the learner to be able to use the slider (on the base layer) to choose a scene – an office (sub layer 1) or a waiting room (sub layer 2). Based on the scene they’re on, I’d like to deliver content. Easy enough, right?

My problem is I’d like to use the same slider on the base layer for the sublayers so the learner doesn’t get stuck on a sub-layer; I’d like them to go to the office layer if they’re on the waiting room, and vice versa.

How do I refer to the base layer's slider (SLDR Scene Change) on the sub-layers without having ALL the stuff from the base layer (which has the initial slider on it) on the sub-layers? Currently, the sub-layers have their own sliders – SLDR office and SLDR Waiting Room. Ideally, I’d like them all to refer to and use SLDR Scene Change.

Also, the slider’s thumb doesn’t seem to move from layer to layer. I’d like the slider to reflect the step it’s on – 1 for the office or 3 for the waiting room.

Thanks for any help!

Heather Vogt


Thanks for your timely response and awesome project! This is exactly what I'm looking to do, but for some reason I can't choose my Base Layer as a Show Layer choice; FYI: "Prevent the user from clicking on the base layer." is unchecked in my Slide Layer Properties.

I also see you have a single slider that's in the same place on the base layer and each sub-layer; that's my ideal set-up, but the slider on my base layer doesn't show up on my sub-layers. I don't know if it's buried somewhere or what, but I can't find it. If I hide all my sub-layer stuff, I can see it (since I'm not choosing to hide the Base Layer stuff), but I can't put it on top of the sub-layer stuff.

Unfortunately, what I *think* I might have to do is redesign the slide (which has TONS of shapes put together to build an office or waiting room scene) and make the base layer's slider visible on each layer. I also need to redesign the base layer so I can cover up the base layer stuff the learner shouldn't see when they're on a sub-layer. Wow this sounds complicated and time-consuming...that's why I swear I'm missing something.

Thanks again! I'll be really bummed if I need to scrap this idea altogether. 

Heather Vogt

Thanks to David's help and some tinkering of my own, I think I solved this problem. If you're interested, check out my sample file below.

First you'll see my original problem, and then you'll see my solution as well as some explanatory text. If this helps anyone in any way, I'd like to share! 


David Tappenden

good stuff. What I sometimes do to hide what I don’t want on the base layer is simply put a square shape as the background for each layer 😊 that or select the “hide base layer” on each sub layer. I’m currently awaiting an upgrade to 360 so will check out your files then 👍

Anand Morab


I have a slider interaction. I have attached the file. What I need to achieve is, when the learner drags the slider as shown in the base layer (The choice 3.1) the learner drags the slider slowly along the track, the layer Belgen should wipe in. Also as the slider is dragged along the track to the left, the base layer should appear like as if the belgen layer wipped off to show the base layer. In the SL file, Sc2 is just my various attempt to create the effect but unsuccessful.