Slider process interaction with layers

May 27, 2016


I've created slider process interaction with layers like in the exemple

I have basic layer with instruction "Click and drag the slider to learn about each step." and I have 5 different layers for 5 different steps.

I want to show each layer(step) when learner moves the slider.

I've set up the slider options like this:
Variable: slider 1
Update: When slider is dragged
End: 5
Step: 1

I've set up 5 triggers like in Nicole's exemple like this:
Show the layer 1
When Slider 1 modifications
If slider 1 is equal to 1,00

...and so on for each or 5 layers

The problem is that I don't have in the output the slider moving on each of 5 steps. It moves only to the middle and that's all. I suppose I didn't set up right the slider options. Could someone help me to unblock the situation? I can upload my source file if needed.

Thanks so much for advices!

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Dara Barcelona


I have a similar problem as the initial one above, followed the instruction videos and still couldn't manage to make it work. Thank you in advance.

I want to show each layers when the slider moves.

Slider info:
Variable: myApp
Update: When slider is dragged
End: 4
Initial: 1
Step: 1

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5

Show layer "Step 1"
when "myApp" moves
If its value = value "1"

-- so on for "Step 2" and value "2".....

Show layer "Step 1"
When the "timeline starts" on this slide

Please see attached file.
Thank you so much!!

MEDSAC Learning

Hello! Can anyone help me restart the timeline on my layers so that the slider interaction can loop indefinitely? At the moment it only works once, then the animates fade and wont reappear when the slider moves again. Sorry, I feel this is obvious but my brain mustn't be working. or is there a way to do this using states that has a nice fade?