Locking timeline length

Feb 07, 2013

Hi all,

I was wondering if it is possible to lock the length of a slides timeline to the length of the audio. I am finding that as I try to sync my animations and audio, the length of the timeline changes and I am constantly re-adjusting the timeline. This is turn throws my animations out of sync again. Perhaps I am missing something?

Any tips would be appreciated.

Kind regards,


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Lauren Connelly

Hi Infra!

I can see how this is frustrating! I appreciate you bringing these details to our attention.

Have you tried any of the workarounds listed in this discussion? 

We are still filing more specs for this feature request. It's helpful to have examples to add to the report. Are you interested in sharing one of the .story files with us? If so, please use this link to share the file with us! 

We'll keep this discussion updated when we hear more information on this feature request! 

Tanudja Gibson

I agree completely with Infra. This happens constantly, not on every slide but when an edit is made. I will try some of the workarounds suggested but we're getting this feedback from internal clients too (long pauses between slides)  - very embarrassing (and irritating to work with, wastes so much time) when we convinced management that SL 360 was worth purchasing for our online course development. It makes us look incompetent. Are there any updates on a solution or why this is happening?  



Ren Gomez

Hi Tanudja,

I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing these issues as well! Whenever you insert an object into a slide like audio or video, the timeline automatically updates to those items you inserted.

If you copy a shape or textbox from one slide into another, it will take the corresponding timeline length as well.

I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts, and I will add them to our report. We'll be sure to jump back in here with any changes or updates.

Tanudja Gibson

HI Ren,

That must be it - the copying of the shape brings in the original slide's longer timeline! I will keep an eye out to see if it happens any other time but I think that's solved it.

Thanks so much - was driving me nuts not knowing why -at least now I can predict it and cut it off at the pass as they say.