Audio slowly moving out of sync in HTML5 output in SL360

Jan 08, 2019

I have recently upgraded to SL360, and I am finding that when I view my published files in Chrome, the timing of the audio slowly moves out of sync with animations on the slide as the slide timeline goes on, almost as if the audio becomes progressively faster, or the animations are starting to move progressively slower.  When I am viewing a longer slide, the audio is completely out of sync with my animations by the end of the slide.  I have tested in IE, and the timing appears to be fine.   Has anyone else experienced this, possibly know of any fixes or work arounds?

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Annarose Peterson

Hi Alyssa!

Yes, I just updated to v3.23 yesterday prior to publishing.  Also, thank you for asking about output hosting!  I realize that when I publish to the web output and view the project it does not happen.  So it appears to be happening once it is published to our LMS.   So now I'm guessing this is an issue with our LMS and html5 output and not Storyline output. 

Alyssa Gomez

Hey Annarose, thanks for those additional details! You're right -- it sounds like it may be an issue with your LMS.

To be sure, you can test the LMS output file in another environment, like SCORM Cloud. That way you're comparing apples to apples, and you'll know for sure that your LMS is the culprit.

Let me know if you'd like some help with that testing! 

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