Log all question / answer information in a course into the LMS

Jul 22, 2014


My manager has asked me if Storyline provides a way to log all question / answer information in a course into the LMS. She is pretty sure Storyline has this option, and I'm pretty sure it doesn't.

I found something I thought would be useful as a workaround:


However, I am having trouble duplicating these steps because I simply need more detail. A full-blown example would be extremely helpful, too.

So, first of all, does this article actually address my need to report question / answer information to the LMS? And secondly, is there any additional information or a sample .story file I can review so I can figure out how to apply this workaround?



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Kevin Dixon

Story line WILL log all question and answer info to the LMS by way of results slides. As long as you have the q/a slide reporting to a results slide story line will log it. you may need a few results slides and then have them all report to one final results slide but that is not hard either. Hate to say it cause I know in most cases it isn't but in this case "The Boss is right"

Dan Marsden

That doesn't sound right to me - SCORM 1.2 reports interaction data - it doesn't have a good place to report the full question description in SCORM 1.2 but it reports the question ID, the student response and if they were correct or not and a few other data points that are less used like latency, weighting, time, type etc.

Moodle has had a pretty good interactions report for SCORM 1.2 since Moodle 2.2 http://docs.moodle.org/en/Using_SCORM#SCORM_interactions_report

(But this report doesn't work for SCORM 2004 as Moodle doesn't support SCORM 2004)

Also - as a side note if you are using Adobe Captivate and SCORM 1.2 it automatically converts the question text into the question ID field for SCORM 1.2 but Articulate doesn't do this.

Steve Flowers

Kevin's suggestion above is the clue. I just tested with a couple of packages.

- With a results slide, interactions are recorded.

- Without a results slide, interactions are not recorded.

As Dan points out, the question text is not captured by default in SCORM 1.2 from articulate outputs. Looking at the scripts, it should be possible to alter one of the files to make this happen.

This is what Storyline output is submitting through RecordInteraction:

5vrIocsFWJ0,Scene1_Slide1_TrueFalse_0_0,TrueFalse,truefalse,True,True,0,correct,10,22:31:19,1,1,Test Question!,Results,true

The bolded parameter is the test question value.

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