Long equations that include decimals appear to be incorrect.

Jun 28, 2023

I'm presenting a long equation that starts in minutes before being converted to hours. When all values are whole numbers, the full interaction works perfectly. However, when there are decimal values in the equation, those decimals can be off by a bit. It appears that the onscreen text is showing the value as rounded off to the nearest hundredth, but calculations look like they continue with the full decimal value that can go many places out. So if you do the calculations with the values shown on the final screen, they appear to be off.

For example, in the screen shot attached, I started with 889 minutes which was converted to hours (14.8166667 hours) and shown onscreen here as 14.82. If you work through the entire equation with all the decimal values, the final value is only a cent off when rounding the final figure (15,729.3773). But if you use the values shown on screen, the final figure comes out as 15,732.912, not the 15,729.38 shown.

Has anyone else had this experience? Any suggestions?

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John Morgan

Hi Pete,

Great question! I understand that the answers you are seeing appear to be incorrect when using numbers with many decimal places. What you are seeing is expected behavior in Storyline. Even though the rounded numbers are displayed on the screen, the answer is calculated with the numbers inputted by the learner.

Since the discrepancy in the numbers is noticeable, would you be willing to share your file here or with our support engineers privately in a support case? That way we can possibly suggest a workflow that can get the displayed answer and the actual answer closer together.

Thanks for reaching out!