Looking at 500~1000 slides in Storyline for a new project. Thoughts?

I've done some googling and trying to make some more sense of whether this is a "good idea" or not. Right now its pushing toward "bad idea" but... wanted to make a quick post regardless.

A client wants us to convert their Flash course into Storyline for HTML5 support. Problem is, it's about 500 to 1000 slides. (I counted 500 in the storyboard, but noticed there were plenty of slides that were labeled, for example, 24_b, 24_c, 24_d - client says there's 1000 and I believe them).

The reason for so many slides is because the user selects a variable out of 50 (think US states) and then the project splits into "Generic" slides for the content matter, and then "Variable Specific" slides.

The storyboards were crazy long, it kinda blew me away.

So my thoughts:

  • Just make it in Storyline as-is. But with a module that long, will someone's computer crash? What's the bandwidth limit on opening these up in a browser? How large with the published LMS package be?
    • It's possible we could condense slides into layers or even states that show depending on the variable, but unsure if that will make much of a difference regarding file size.
  • Split the module up into lessons. It's looking like 10 lessons right now. But the client won't want the user selecting their Variable at the beginning of each of the 10 lessons. That will get repetitive especially if the user is banging through these in one day. Is there a way for the LMS to transfer that variable between Storyline modules?

Thanks for the help, everyone.

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Jack Schofield

I would go with splitting/chunking the information up.  With that many slide in storyline be it layers or just slide, the program is going to run slow as the project get bigger. Push no learner wants to have to site through that much information at one time. By chunking the lessons into module it also allows the learner to easy revisit the material.

Julie Stelter

Hi Lauren,

I'm wondering if you can ask the question "Which state are you in?" in the LMS. Then that directs the learner to each lesson, specific to their state, as you describe in your second bullet point.

I think both of your concerns, not to mention your sanity with that many triggers, are valid.

Good luck!


Lauren Adamson

Thanks Julie!

That certainly crossed my mind! In our LMS we could put the users in Groups depending on their State and enroll them into courses that way. But I do not know what LMS the client is using, or if that's a possibility. Boss simply said: figure this out. Hah! I'm writing it down to see if I can get a chance to ask.