Looking for a way to add "bonus" points to a quiz total

Jun 24, 2015

I'd like to have some "essay" or short-answer questions in my quiz.  As a way of assigning a grade to those questions, I'd like for the learner to self-assess their response by comparing it to the sample (given) response that appears after they hit "submit". They would then click a button to indicate whether they feel they deserve points for that question. "Close enough - Give me 10 points" or "No, I got it wrong".

I would then like to have those points added to the Results.ScorePoints variable and included on the results slide as part of their grade for that quiz.

From reading past posts, it doesn't seem that it's possible to adjust the Results.ScorePoints variable directly (could that be??!).  Is there another way to do this or something similar? 

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Prashant Patil

Hi  Fiona ,

i dnt know if it is possible or not in storyline to change grades using triggers but i like your idea of letting user decide to add score points, i have tried to make it work some way although it is just a demo see if you can do something with it, i have attached .story file you can take a look at it, i hope it will help you ! but this way it will not possible to track question and answer reports on LMS.  

Fiona Macelli

Hi Prashant!  Thanks so much for your help and sorry for taking so long to reply.  I was away for a bit.   Can you help me understand your file a bit better?  I haven't used the Submit Interaction action before.  How does it work?  Does it automatically assign points to the results slide? 

I think I understand everything else you've done except how you've assigned points to the quiz based on them clicking the "correct" button.


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