Looking for an Articulate Developer to create a line graph results slide

Feb 06, 2015

I have created a repetition exercise in Storyline where students have to repeat 5 sentences. I need a results slide in the form of a line graph to inform them as to how long it took them to finish each exercise. There’s a sound that tells them when to start and a button to click when they finish each exercise, so the triggers to measure the time could be applied there, along with the corresponding variables. For the results slide, I’d need a Y axis with the number of seconds (0-60) and a X axis with the exercise names (e.g EX #1, EX #2, etc). You’ll see a clear example of what I want on this link:

https://db.tt/gxbrNsXW (demo)

The blue callout in the results slide that you see would indicate the average time. I'm looking for an Articulate developer who could give me an estimate. Thanks

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Manuel Aicart

@Darragh. Someone did it for me using JavaScript. He used an open-source charting library called ChartJS. I'm sending herewith the document which explains how to do it, as well as some screenshots of what you should put in your slides. I'm also attaching the results slide, and the Javascript file. Hope it helps.

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