Looking for suggestions on publishing problems


I posted this question on the general questions yesterday. I haven't heard anything and I wonder if I put in the wrong place. So I am posting my question in the Articulate Product Support here.

I have built a 10 slides storyline file, the size is 292MB. In each slide, there is a video imported.  I previewed every slide, making sure every video in the slide works perfect. When I try to publish to LMS, it won't complete publishing.

Here is a screenshot of the screen , it stays like that forever. Please suggest what I should do. Thank you!

Any suggestions, comments are appreciated!


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Zhenyu! Normally questions/issues get posted under product support, so you are in the right place now.

I'm not sure what may be going on with your project, but the first thing that I would suggest is to import into a new project in case something in your original project is corrupt.

If you continue to have difficulty, you can contact support so that they can assist you.

Elizabeth Victoria

Hi Zhenyu,

If Leslie's approach doesn't solve the issue, here's a suggestion:

Make a copy of your project.    

Delete all slides except slide 1.  Try to publish.   If you are able to publish successfully, add the remaining slides back in, one or two at a time, and publish again.  

If you reach a point where the publish fails, look at the last slide you just added in, and see if there is anything different about it, or the video content on that slide, compared to the others.  Try to isolate that slide -- maybe put it in its own project, and try to publish it.  

Given the size of your project, you may want to consider breaking it into multiple modules, and linking them.