looking for tin can expert to set up our course


We created a course using Articualte storyline and we would like to publish our course with tin can. 

The main reason is to be able to use the Articualte mobile player on iPad. 

In fact, our clients must log in in order to acces our course and they face error when lauching the content on their Ipad. 

I'm looking at hiring a tin can specialist to help us set up Tin can in our LMS  (moodle 2.5) and allow our content to be played on Ipad. 

We are a small company so our budget is tight. 


Quentin Paillard


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Dan Marsden

If using Rustici is out of your price range then it's probably best you should avoid Tin Can and Moodle at this point.

There are some plugins around for Moodle that provide a level of Tin Can support but they require someone with knowledge to support and maintain them - if you don't have this internally and pay someone peanuts to implement it on your install - 12 months down the track when you have a problem you might be stuck.

If you want to use Moodle and don't have $$ to pay for someone to support you then you should probably stick with SCORM 1.2 packages for now until Moodle supports tin can properly. (or find another LMS that provides the functionality you need)

quentin paillard

Thank you Dan for your feedback, it makes sense. I'm just surprise to see how much it cost to implement Tin Can Api. When I read online, It seems people are making it works using plugins for moodle and I was hoping someone could ease the use of those.

Do you think using scorm cloud and moodle is a valid option ? If yes, do you think it will still cost me a lot of money to have someone help making moodle and scorm cloud works together ? 



Dan Marsden

The Rustici SCORM cloud works very well with Moodle - It is also very easy to install as it is a self-contained plugin and is well supported and maintained by Rustici - each time a new Moodle release is made Rustici are very quick to fix any compatibility issues with their plugin to make sure it works with the latest release. If you have been able to install Moodle - you should be able to install the SCORM cloud plugin on your site.