Looking to offer various narration speeds to user

Dec 09, 2019

Trying to allow end-users to control the speed of our narrated courses. Anyone doing this? I figured I can add a variable to choose the speed of the narration- like 1.5x, 2x...but not sure where/how to put the audio files. I tried 1st with a checkbox for 1.5x, and turn on the variable to yes, but where should that sped up audio file live? And how do I easily toggle the original version of the audio off once the 1.5x is selected? I tried putting the sped up audio on another layer but not sure if that's the right way. Thank you so much for any support or hints!  

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Jerry Beaucaire

That is exactly the way I would do what you've described.

I would recommend putting your 1x, 1.5x, 2x checkboxes along the bottom of the screen so they are always there and the user can click to change them at any time.  Just a thought.

Then each goes on its own audio layer, and triggers on the base select the layer based on the state of your audio trigger.  1 numeric trigger can do it instead of 3.


All of the audio layers could have a trigger to show the NEXT button when their audio completes.

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