Looping a course for conference demonstration

Hi, Heroes,

I have a fully developed course of some 140 slides, complete with internal interactive slides within each of the five chapters and a final assessment once the student views all five chapters. I would like to burn the course to a CD and run it at a booth at a conference.

Is there any way to disable the interactive slides and final assessment and have the non-interactive slide content run as a loop? Or, would I have to create a parallel course and remove all the interactions and assessment? I'm guessing the latter but hoping for the former!

Thanks for your advice and guidance!


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Hilliard,

It'll be a bit of work, so I'd advise making a copy of the course (save as or import into a new file) and then you would need to adjust all the slide properties to advance automatically and/or the trigger to jump to next slide when the slide timeline ends. Also for your final slide, you'll need to set a trigger for that one to jump back to the beginning slide.  Anything you've got to show on layers or within lightboxes or similar likely won't be seen as the user isn't going to trigger those elements with a click (you could trigger them based on timeline events, but again a lot more work to change your course set up).