Looping branches back to Main Menu

Nov 13, 2012


I saw a couple of forum posts about this for Presenter, but nothing for Storyline.  How can a branch content and loop the learner back to the main menu?  I have six different topics that the learner needs to review, but I want to allow them to view it in the order that they want.  I know that slide layers could work, but the information on the topics will need more than one slide.  I think that having too many layers on one slide could make it messy.  I guess a 'Return to Main Menu' button at the end of each branch could also work, but I'm looking for something a little more seamless. 


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Bruce Graham

Stefaan Leleu said:

In Storyline you also have to option to add a custom button in the player that will send you back to the menu with one click, no matter where you are in the course. Obviously, If you only want the user to return to the main menu at the end of a branch, this may not be the best option.

See screenshot below:

Never spotted that before


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