Looping video on a marker

Mar 29, 2017


I've inserted a video on a marker with an audio overlay.  The video is too short for the audio.  How can I loop the video?  I thought a trigger but was unable to access the video for selecting the media only for the marker.

Thank you

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Susi B

Hi Niomi,

as far as I know there is no option to loop a Video in a marker. Can´t you put the video on a new layer which is shown when the user clicks on the marker? You can loop layers so this would be an easier way to do. Maybe you want to share a screenshot of your slide and we can think of other options for your needs. :)



Ali Goulet

Hey Niomi,

Great question, got my brain in gear this morning ;) Susi beat me to the punch with the idea here, but I'm with her on that. Since objects in markers don't appear in the timeline, I'm thinking the best way to go about this would be to create a layer to appear when an object is clicked that would include the audio and video, rather than using the marker feature. That way both will appear in the timeline of the layer, and you could follow the instructions in this tutorial to loop the video portion. 

I created a quick example of what I'm describing for you to take a look at. You may be able to play around with the setup a little more to fit your needs better, but hopefully it'll give you a bit of a jumping off point! Otherwise, perhaps members of our community will be able to chime in with some other ideas :) 

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