Lose new formatting when importing from old presentation into new template

Hi there,

I have created a new, more modern template (using styles in the slide master) for our old activities to be dropped into.

When importing the old presentation into the new template, the formatting goes all out of whack! Font sizes change and quiz boxes move or hide under other boxes when the layout is applied :-( Is there an easy way to avoid manually adjusting all these things that end up all over the place as the slide master doesn't seem to be doing it's job.

I have attached the OLD file (Abraham.story) and the new template.

Thank you in advance,


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Shelley,

Thanks for sharing the files here. I took a look at the original file, and that one was looking fine for me, and importing into a new set up it looked ok as well. The other file you shared - I didn't see the same set up, but I wouldn't have thought that they were the same to begin with based on coloring and other items. Perhaps you could pinpoint for us which areas you're looking at so I can see those specifically? Also what is the process that you're using to import them in? Are you turning it into a template as described here or just importing the .story file in? 

Shelley Parker

I created the new look "Abraham-Template.story" file with the intention of moving all of our courses into this new look (there are a lot of slides in this template that won't be used. I just set it up this way as an example to the staff of what it should look like).

When I import the "Abraham.story" slides into "Abraham-Template.story" (I've also tried in reverse), I then right-click  "Layout > Question" then "Reset Slide".

After doing these steps, only SOME of the 'slide master' formatting is applied. The fonts are smaller than the slide master settings and the actual question gets all messed up ie: the drop box in a word bank appears over some of the answers.

I've tried creating a "*.storytemplate" and a "theme" and tried using these and still, the old formatting is there and there are a lot of changes that have to be done manually.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Shelley,

The reset slide won't update it to the new master - instead you'd want to pick from the layout options available. I updated a few of the slides in your file, and they seemed to match your slide masters minus the bold font for question text, but that is something I know our QA team is taking a look at. I've attached the .story file here for you to take a look at the ones I updated.