losing lives - elearning games

Hi all,

I'm trying to turn a quiz into a game and have got a little stuck and am hoping someone will be able to help.

My game is a multiple drag and drop quiz where the user loses a life if they get an incorrect answer, with a possible 5 lives. The only way i can see to do this given the amount of options the user has is to add a variable on the incorrect slide which changes the state of the lives so one is gone. The issue im having is if the user answers this question wrong muliple times, as i would like them to lose a life each time but each time they see the incorrect slide they will have the same variables as the first time. So i guess what im asking is is there anyway to add extra triggers which will only happen if the incorrect slide is visited a 2nd or 3rd time?

I have 2 drop locations and each drop location has 3 drag items.


Hope this makes sense!

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