Losing scorm completion data

Mar 22, 2017

We are getting lots of complaints from users who say they have completed our Storyline Scorm 1.2 activity (in both our Moodle 2.1 and Moodle 2.7 sites). The users even have screenshots of the completion slide, so we are certain that they did complete the scorm activity. But when they go back into the activity in Moodle or we export the gradebook results their activity completion is missing. If they go back into the scorm activity Moodle asks them if they want to resume. If they select Yes then they are redirected to the WRONG part of the scorm activity, somewhere in the middle of the activity instead of the end of the activity. They should be taken to the end of the activity considering that they have completed it. How can we troubleshoot and debug what is going on? Why does this happen in Scorm and Moodle?

We publish all our scorm activities in Moodle by linking to the scorm package's imsmanifest.xml file in the Moodle scorm activity in our courses.

The network connection in our office can sometimes get quite slow, affecting response times in Moodle. Could this have a bearing on the problem? Can a slow network connection prevent a scorm activity from writing back to the LMS on a regular basis?

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Dave Perry

Something else to watch - if you don't get the Activity Completion settings correct for each SCORM package right (on the moodle activity side), it won't record the data. We have had a load of completion data vanish on one page (reported to me this morning), and I checked that they all had Require... Passed ticked. Which in our testing is what the setting should be (this package does not have a results slide, so doesn't return a score).

Libby Doran

I am having a similar issue. In the last month or so, we have an intermittent issue (*groan*) where our learners get to the end and their completion status is not being sent to LMS. Our LMS vendor (LMS365) have confirmed that the txt file with completion data is not getting to the LMS for some users. We have a lot of learners going through a lot of content packages, accessing from different devices and sites - and we cannot identify a pattern to put it down to. It is about 20 users out of around 500 maybe? The most annoying thing is how it works just fine for the majority of users, but doesn't work for enough people that we know it is not just user error. Ideas?!

jugal joshi

Hi Libby, did changing to 2004 help your case? I am having similar troubles now, with our own LMS (Intuition-Rubicon). We have scorm packages designed with 1.2 and have majority of the learners coming through just fine, and then we have a bunch, who have completed, but their completions just dont end up in the LMS Backend. 


Libby Doran

ohh Jugal I am so sorry to hear that! It's been a real mission. My issue is actually still ongoing and we have had about 4 'solutions' that have had varying effectiveness. I believe 2004 helped some of our cases. But Articulate and LMS365 have since done fixes on their end. Apparently it's currently due to exiting method. LM365 are saying learners must use native navigation to exit the course. If they exit by closing the browser instead they will loose all saved progress.

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