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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Tony for the image as that's really helpful! Can you share a copy of your .story project and that original image as well with our Support team? That'll help us spot anything that may be off in Storyline or offer some additional ideas for you. 

We're aware of an issue within the Preview and UI of Storyline where the elements can look blurry if you've scaled your screen resolution above 100% - so I'll make sure our team knows that you've been impacted by this as well so that we can track impact as we look to prioritize fixes. 

Tony Vicente

Hi Sarah

Unfortunately Articulate did not give me any satisfactory solutions to this issue. Apparently the issues is because I resized my images after loading them into Storyline... but that seems like an odd reason to me.

Hopefully you will have more luck and I did.

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