Image quality issues

Aug 03, 2022

Ok I have now hit the brick wall.

I have read through so many topics here on image quality, and think I am now getting more confused/frustrated.

Situation: I am creating a software sim where I am using SnagIt to capture scrolling windows which then I pop into a scrolling window in my storyline slide.

Images are captured at 1920 width (same as slide size) obviously height is dependant on capture.

However for some reason when I drop the image in I need to drag to resize it to correctly fill the width, and image quality dramatically reduces.

Ok yep, I know, dragging an image to increase size would lead to loss of quality.

But if the image properties are w1920 x hxxxx why would there be a loss of quality in SL?

If I open the image to view on laptop from file there is no quality issues at all, even when zooming right in.

Maybe me missing something here. Thoughts, suggestions, work arounds all welcome :)

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Jose Tansengco

Hi Adam,

Thanks for reaching out!

In my experience, one of the main causes of image quality issues in Storyline 360 is mismatches between the resolution of images being added and the story size of the project. This article explains our best practices to prevent quality loss for images and videos: 

If the size of your images isn't too far off from the size of your project, would you be willing to upload a copy of your project file here or in private by opening a support case so we can take a closer look at what's happening? We'll delete it as soon as we're done troubleshooting. 

Adam Kenworthy

Thanks Phil,

Did not realise that one. Silly me.

Least I now know so I can look at ways round it. I have had scrolling window captures before exceeding 2000, but not as much as the example so dragging to fill the slide the quality hardly reduced, just this screen scroll was a big one.


Jürgen Schoenemeyer

publish to web and have a look in the folder 'mobile' - there are the results of the storyline publish

here is an example with very big pictures and slide size 1440x1080

and the export with the same pictures / same export quality with slide size 720x540

perhaps this is your problem