Love working with Storyline, but not useful for us anymore - numeric entry won't reset to BLANK

Nov 06, 2019


Wanted to share with all of those who experience the same problem and hoping to get Storyline developers attention.

We are a company with many developers woring with Storyline 3.

We recently come to a conclusion that we can't work with this program anymore all because of the problem with numeric entries - can't be resets to blank, only a number.

We're developing math activities for children in school, and as we reached the chapters that include fractions, we cannot use Storyline because of one tiny feature that is occuring for a very very long time (found posts from 7 years ago) - numeric entry won't reset to blank. We can't use numeric entries because fractions can't have zero placed in them - it's mathematically incorrect, and it's not possible to reset the numeric entry to blank.

It's a hugh shame, and I wanted the developers to know and maybe others who experience the same problem can comment and they'll see how important it is to FIX IT ALREADY.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Bar,

I appreciate you reaching out to share your use case in addition to your thoughts.

I'm curious if you are renaming the numeric variable so that a 0 is displaying or is it that a default value of 0, even when not displaying, causes the issue?

I want to better understand to share your insight with the development team as you mentioned.

Thanks so much!

bar gabbai

I’m renaming it. I have a button and when the user’s press it, it should reset the numeric entry to blank. It has to be blank, no zero because fractions can’t have a zero.  But there is no way to do that and in order to do math I have to use a numeric entry so I just cant use storyline anymore, not me and not anyone in the company I work for, and that’s a big shame. 

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