Main menu has video and multiple branching choices. How to not play video upon re-visit, but allow play as option?

Oct 07, 2016


I am an enthusiastic but frightened newbie who's just been hired to create a video-based e-learning.  :-o

The first and main slide will feature an intro video and seven branching choices. The learner can return to this screen pretty much anytime throughout the training. Upon return to this main screen, I want the learner to be able to play the video again *if desired,* but I don't want it to play automatically. I also want them to be able to start/stop the video as desired and to click on any of the seven choices again at any time.

Am I asking too much (of myself? of Storyline?)? Any help would immensely appreciated! Is there a tutorial that discusses this? I haven't found one.

Thanks huge - in advance,


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