Aug 12, 2021

Hi Guys I have just created a course in SL with a Main menu for the user to return to after viewing a sequence of videos, the problem is when the user has finished viewing the last video of each section I have created it so that they return to the main Menu so they can choose their topic again but if they select the samen main menu catorgory again they get taken straight back to the very last video they played which will then end and take them back t the main menu again! I need them to be able to return to the main menu automatically then be able to start again from the beginning of the sequence of videos....HELP am I missing something here? how do I do this it’s so frustrating I have checked all triggers for the last videos in a sequence of three and all are set to return to Main menu!   

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Carl,

Based on your description, it sounds like the problem is with the category triggers on the main menu. But it's impossible to tell for sure without seeing the file.

If further help is needed, I suggest you upload the file.

  • Ideally, upload a copy with most of the videos removed. In other words, keep the file size and the navigation restrictions low. That'll make it easier on anyone who's troubleshooting.
  • If there's proprietary content, you can also replace text with dummy text.