Video and seven delayed icons on initial screen. How to show icons and have video paused upon revisit?

Oct 11, 2016

Hello Heroes!

I am trying to figure out how to work with a weird re-visit scenario and could sure use your collective wisdom!

My first slide features a video that will begin to play when the timeline starts. When the video is almost finished, seven icons appear. Those icons lead to subsequent slides, from which the user can re-visit the home screen. Upon revisit, I would like the icons to be present (I set slide property to "resume saved state" when re-visiting), but I don't want the video to auto-play. (Rather, I want the user to have to start it if they want to watch it again.)

I tried creating a T/F variable for the video ("video has played"), but upon re-visit, it auto-plays -- I think because it's conflicting with the "resume saved state" slide property??

Is there a way that all icons can be immediately available but the video not auto-play upon re-visit? My brain is mush trying to figure this one out. (Yes, I'm a bit of a newbie. :-) )

Thanks so much in advance!


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Carol Snider

Oh. My. Goodness.     No, wait -- Oh. YOUR. Goodness!!

Ayoub, this is so incredibly nice of you!!! Thank you so very much! That's above and beyond what I was even hoping for!

I hadn't even thought to put the icons on a separate layer. And maybe your idea of not introducing the icons until the video ends will work - though I think the client wants them to appear near the end of the video (so the person in the video can introduce them). Not sure how to do that...

I'll play with this a bit. Thanks so very, very much! I hope I can pay it forward when I get better at Storyline. <3



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