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Jul 01, 2013

Hello. In Storyline, I am trying to understand how to make a slide in another scene change the state of an object on a slide (Main Menu) in the first scene. So when a learner completes a scene (lesson), I want that lesson's object on the main menu to be disabled. I have tried to get it by looking at a couple of posts...but not having any luck so far. I would appreciate your help. Thank you - Melissa

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Harri S

Hi Melissa,

What you're talking about here is using variables to carry information from one slide to another. Based on what you've said I think you can achieve this by setting up a true/false variable set to false initially then on the final scene in the lesson add a trigger to change that variable to true. Then you need a trigger on your main menu slide to say something like 'jump to slide 'lesson2 for example' when user clicks if variable is equal to true'.

You would need a different variable to signal each lesson end.

Hope this helps, apologies if I've misunderstood your question.

Harri S

Hi Melissa,

When initially set up via the 'X' variable wizard thing the variable is not assigned to any particular slide it's just registered withing SL. You have to give it an initial value (false) and then trigger it to change to true on the end of lesson slide.

Hope that makes sense, variables are a little awkward to get used to

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