Main Menu Slide Layers Not Working

I created a project that features a main menu with multiple states.  

I then created layers that allow the user to interact with different parts of the course based on certain menu items being in a "visited" state.  The layers look like the main menu but have the visited area marked as such and new audio explaining where to go next.

The first time they visit the main menu - it works great.  Similarly the second time advances as expected.  The third time they visit the main menu, it does not go to the correct layer despite showing the second option visited. 

I've tried different triggers (attached below). And it still is not working.  Any help would be awesome. Thank you!

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Tom Kuhlmann

Without seeing the slides, the first recommendation is this:

  • I use the pre-built states like visited when the interaction remains on the slide.
  • If leaving the slide and coming back, I'd used a custom state and variable to track that. This way you don't need to worry about the slide being reset properly.

The general set up:

  • Create state (complete)
  • Create t/f variable to track if an object/slide has been completed
  • Adjust variable to T when complete
  • Set trigger on revisited slide to change state of object to complete is variable is True when timeline starts