Maintaining Object State from Previous Slide

Hi there! I am building a course in which I would like to give the user the option to show or hide a text box  on each slide. How do I get Storyline to maintain their selection from slide to slide? For example, if they have selected to show the text box on slide 1 then I want the text box to continue to show on slide 2, if they have selected to hide the text box on slide 1 then I want the text box to continue to be hidden on slide 2. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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David Schwartz

Hi Michelle,

You'll want to use a T/F variable. In your example, let's say the user clicks a button to hide the text box. Add a trigger after hiding it that sets the T/F variable to true.

On slide 2, I would set the default state of the text box to hidden, and then add a trigger when the slide's timeline starts to change the state of the text box to normal if the variable is set to false.

On slide 1, you'll also probably want to use that same trigger as on slide 2, so that the box will be hidden if the user returns. You could save the slide's state instead, but I personally like this way better.

I've attached an example.