Make a long PDF visible within a course slide?

I have a set of policy acknowledgements I put into an online course. These are PDFs that I download from our intranet and attach to a slide. The PDFs are sometimes very long, so they open in a separate browser window. 

It seemed the simplest way I could do it, but when launching the pdf, users seem unable to return to the actual course and continue, even though there are directions written in the course in several places stating this will happen and that they should read the pdf and return to the course. 

Can I make the PDF in some way readable from within the course slide window without launching a separate browser tab? This is just driving me crazy, but I have so many users that even a small percentage of people having issues blows up my support queue.

Any ideas? Thanks a ton.

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Steve Gannon

Joe, also be aware that PDFs displayed via web object embedded on a slide do not display properly (they're cut-off) when viewed using Chrome if the Player setting is not set to "Lock at optimal size." Also, iPads will only display the first page of your PDF. These are known issues (Case #01617095).