Make PREV button go back to Locked Question

I'm creating flashcards in Storyline 2 using a question bank where the "front" of the card is locked to the "back" of the card. Cards are shown randomly when user clicks Next. I'd like to allow them to go back using the Prev button (just for review purposes), but when I test this, the Prev shows is the "back" of the previous card, not the "front." This could be very confusing for users because the cards aren't numbered or marked in any way to indicate which front and back go together.

I guess I was hoping that, since the fronts and backs are Locked Questions, the Previous would go back to the previous front, not the previous back. What I'm doing is turning off the Prev button for the whole deck to avoid any confusion, but I'm still wondering if that's the way it works with Locked Questions or if I'm missing something?

I hope I'm describing this simply enough. It sounds confusing even to me! Thanks! 

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Kendra Kernen

The file is very large (video, etc.) so it would be a big upload for such a minor problem, but perhaps this simple illustration will better show what I'd like the navigation to accomplish. I don't expect that it will work this way, but thought I would ask anyway. Thanks!

Kendra Kernen

I don't have a base layer. They are all freeform questions/answers in a question bank. If I select Question Banks > [Name of Bank], the only panels shown on the right are Triggers and Slide Properties and all the slides are set up to Reset to Initial State already. Would it make a difference if the "fronts" were Reset to Initial State and the "backs" to something else like Automatically Decide? 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kendra,

The base layer is where the question exists - so anything else such as the feedback would be appear on the individual layers associated with that slide. I know you mentioned your file was larger, but if you're able to share a snippet of it here we're happy to take a look at that as well. The community forums can handle a pretty substantial upload. ;)