Make-Shift Sliders or Real Sliders?

I've got this idea for doing an interaction and there are just so many ways to do it and I've tried several different ways only to run into dead ends and then try from another angle, so I'm going to put this out there and see what y'all can suggest...

I'm trying to make an interaction where users will provide "inputs" and then those inputs will be tested to see if they are correct. That's how broad this can be and I'm going to suggest it be something like X number of cups of sugar, Y number of eggs and Z number of chocolate chips.

I can have them give me the numbers by inputting them, true, and then have those values be submitted in a quiz and it will say if those numbers are correct and that's fine.

However, I'd like to make this a bit more interactive and fun and I'm not allowed to use dragging, just clicking.

So I've come up with some ideas to use sliders as well, but I haven't been able to figure out how to tie these to values which can be tested. I'm trying to avoid dragging, so they can't drag a slider and I've come up with having an "up" triangle and a "down" triangle to move the slider along but that doesn't seem to match up either after trying that a few times.

I've also come up with moving an object along a relative path to a point where it will be over another object or over a hotspot but I can't seem to get any sort of trigger to go off when the object is over the hotspot/object.

I've looked over all sorts of sliders and games and can't find anything that is close enough to really help and many presentations are no longer working anyway.

Anyone have any examples or got any good ideas?

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