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Kendra Kernen

Thanks Christie and Wendy. I had tried the first suggestion and variations on that, but not turning off the shadow under under Format Shape. It worked! So I applied that no-shadow setting on my slide master and my questions look good now. Thank you!

I have to say, this is one of my biggest complaints about SL: it preformats text, shapes, buttons -- everything! -- then makes one select and click and highlight and deselect ad infinitum to get rid of the formatting. It would be so much more efficient if one could create and apply styles like other programs. Sometimes I get so frustrated with the repetition of custom formatting that I'm tempted to just accept all the SL defaults, for better or worse, to save myself the time and irritation.

But, again, thank you for that simple fix. I will add it to my bag of tricks because I'm sure it will come up again in another project. 

Brett Rockwood

Wendy I couldn't agree more. The way the formatting of text boxes, shapes etc., are set as a default should be clear of any presets. For example, I don't want my text boxes to default to internal margins with 10 px on left and right and 5 px top and bottom. This makes it extremely tedious to line up text with other elements on the page. Likewise, I don't want shadowed text on my captions or buttons but that's the default and I have to go through and edit each new one (or copy one that's already been edited) and that is time consuming. I know you are supposed to be able to set default shapes, textboxes, etc., in SL but that has been very hit or miss in my experience; it never seems to work the way I expect it to if it works at all.

The default settings, IMHO, should be completely plain. No spacing, no shadows, no centering, no bold, no "Shrink text on overflow," etc., etc. If I want any of those things I'll apply them.

What SL could really use is a sophisticated preferences section like you have in Photoshop/InDesign/Illustrator or even MS Office where you can customize your preferences to your hearts content.

End of rant...