Making an Interactive Video from the 'Record Your Screen'

Hi everyone,

I want to create an interactive video from a screen recording (that I did from SL's built in 'record your screen' function). I am utilizing buttons that appear where the learner can click, pause the base layer, and view a separate layer. When they exit out, the base layer will resume with the video.

This seems to work when you import a video from a file, but not when using the built in record your screen within SL.

My question is, 

Is there a way to add interactivity to this type of video, if not is there a way to export a screen recording and then re-import it so that it can utilize that functionality?






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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Kevin!

The screen recording functionality gives you a few options in how you wish to use the recording. You could insert as a video first, then insert again as Try Mode slides if you wished for the user interactivity. Check out this tutorial.

If you wish to just use the mp4 as you would any other video, you can export and save as mp4 and utilize as you mentioned above as well.