Making freeform user input available after lesson complete

Hi Everyone,

Newbie here, but excited about the platform.  I've built a checklist to help Supervisors consistently deliver on-the-job training.  I've included some freeform areas for them to record their observations.

I would like to make this information available to them after the course is completed.  Our LMS (Workday) currently accepts only completion and score variables.  

Can I make this information available later? or is adding a print button to the Results slide the only way for them to export the data they entered?

Thanks in advance for any assistance out there. 


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Tracy Parish

You might be able to use this option so that they could print the information located on any screen within your course.  I've used it several times myself.

As for the text that they input into the fields - can they see it at a later date....not exactly sure if that is possible.  It may be based on your LMS.  I'm thinking that once they finished the course in mine, the variables used to capture the data would be now be reset for the next time if they were to re-launch/start the course again.

With mine, I could instruct a learner to "fill out the text fields" on the screen, print their results, and use our LMS upload feature to store it back into the course for themselves.  But that seems a bit redundant to them saving it into their own files.  (perhaps I miss understand your question)

Matthew Bibby

You can export a PDF that contains their responses (which they can save, print or email).

You can trigger an email which contains the text (with some restrictions).

You can automate and combine the above two solutions, so an email containing the PDF is sent to someone automatically (but this is trickier to set up and comes with a cost).

Jon Wakeman

Thank you Tracy.  Very helpful.  I'm working with the LMS team to see what possibilities I have, but till then, a printed copy will I think do the trick.  As what I've designed is less course than more a souped up checklist that they will re-use with new team members  - I was searching for a way to make each completed course unique and added to their transcript.  Each course searchable and it's contents recoverable.    These are largely a function of our LMS.  Thanks so much for getting me further down the road.  Appreciate your input.

Matthew Bibby
Jon Wakeman

Thanks Matthew!  Curious though, what cost?  To the course integrity, or purchase of an integral system, or to task complexity?  

Both task complexity and purchase of other systems.

To have a PDF generated and emailed automatically (without user input or ability to modify the email) involves two different services which have ongoing costs and is technically tricky to setup.