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Mar 19, 2016

I'm certain this is simple and I've done it, but now forgotten how.  I have a JPEG image with a white background.  I'm trying to eliminate the background, so only the subject of the picture appears; the picture's background becomes consistent with the slide background.  How do I eliminate the background in Storyline?

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julia collins

Hi bob

you can set the white color to transparent using picture tools, choose recolor then set a transparent color.

I would suggest using PowerPoint to do this if you have it then saving image as a picture and put it back in storyline. PowerPoint gives you more control when removing backgrounds.


Hope this helps you

Brett Rockwood

Just to point out that JPG images don't/can't have transparency. You can try to knock out the background in SL or PPT and can sometimes get pretty decent results. For best results I'd use Photoshop or other image editors to remove backgrounds but when you save the image make sure to save it as a PNG file (PNG 24) to preserve the transparency. If you save it as a JPG you'll get the white background you describe.

Bob Mansur
Bob Mansur

The PPT suggestion worked perfectly. Thank you, Brett, for the recommendation.

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