Making screen progress after correct data entry


I'm working on a software simulation where I get the user to enter specific numbers in a field. I have managed to insert the data field but after the user enters the numbers the screen doesn't progress. How do I tell it that when the user has entered the data correctly it should progress to the next slide? I don't even know where to start - is it a trigger, conditional trigger, variable?????

I would really appreciate a point in the right direction.


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Meryem M

 Natasha, are you using the screen recording function for this?  Storyline will automatically generate all the triggers to progress step by step.  

But the answer your specific question, the trigger you want is "when the control loses focus."  I know... not really intuitively obvious.

  • Jump to slide when the control loses focus on Text Entry Field.

Then when the learner clicks clicks outside of the text entry box, the trigger will fire.

But... to do a software simulation, I would use the screen recording function.

Natasha Jaray

Thank you so much Meryem - you're right, the screen recording function does it all for me. I had used the recording function but I encountered the below issues and thought it was due to the "control loses focus" triggers and so deleted them! Lesson learned!

The issues I am still having are that if the user clicks anywhere on the screen (that has the data entry field), or if they type the wrong thing, the Submit button no longer works and so they cannot progress from that screen. Is that a common issue?