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Jul 17, 2018

Cher Storyline peeps

I am working on a project and I want the learner to type in their name at the start.  However, I want this field to be a mandatory field so that they cannot continue until they've added their name.  The scenario is "Hello, my name is" then click one of buttons depending on the path they want to take.  I have the text entry variable set up.  I also have a layer that says "Error" if they haven't typed in their name.  I can't seem to get the button to work when they do add their name in.  

Any suggestions?


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Geraldine

how are they clicking to get to the next slide you only have the swipe active so no Next button comes up.  If it did, then I would add the 'show error layer when user clicks/swipes the Next button on condition that variable not equal to blank - where blank is not typed just left blank.


Also the variable you are referencing is different in the triggers - do you want to use the 'Name' or 'Yourname' 

Zsolt Olah

Gerlandine, you have two variables: Name and Yourname. The text entry is connected to the Name variable but you're looking at the Yourname variable in the condition for showing the error.

The other thing is that you will not know what the user typed (or not typed) until they click away from the text field. So, they click on a button or something else on the screen. Maybe you want a Submit button for the name or something, and then you can check the Name (not the Yourname).


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