Mandatory Logout for Inactivity

Aug 21, 2014

We have a new requirement (for a compliance course) that states "the course must log students out of the course after 6 minutes of inactivity. It must be a background timer. The course is to be configured such that the student is not presented with a time-out warning. If the student is logged out due to inactivity, they must return to the start of slide where inactivity was detected."

I understand why this is needed. Typically our LMS does this tracking and logout, but the new LMS team is telling us that the course should handle this.

I've looked through most of the Storyline settings and nothing seem obvious abut how I should do this in the tool. Any ideas/help/suggestions?

There has to be a solution - I am just missing it, I think.


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Duane Knudsen

Hi Jon, I'm not an expert by any means but have dabbled in javascript and Storyline. You may need to experiment with some javascript for this. There is a very helpful article located here with explanations from the author that may help:

Detecting if the user is idle or inactive

When the goInactive function hits, you could have a pop-up window come up, your course window exit, etc. And of course you'd set the course to resume when launched again so the learner would pick up where they left off.

Jen Selix

Thank you, Duane. The inactive javascript concept seems like a great solution. However, I am stuck and I can't figure out the next step. I am trying to base it on a variable, so that when the javascript function = inactive, my variable changes to True, and either a pop-up layer appears or the course jumps to a page with a timeout warning.

Do you think this is possible? I can't figure out what code to write in the "do something" section to make my variable "ActivityTimer"="True".

function goInactive() {
// do something

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