Manual Branching

Apr 28, 2021

I have a course where learners are give 3 quiz questions mid course. The questions are not tied to a results slide, it's a simple quiz to see if they need to be exposed to additional information.

I'd like to set up the triggers so that if the answer any of the questions incorrectly they jump to a remediation slide with additional information. If they respond correctly to all 3 questions they bypass the remediation slide and move on. 

I tired working with true/false variables to make this work and failed. Can anyone help?

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Tom Kuhlmann

Since they can only go through the question once, you could just use a number variable.

Add 1 to the variable on the correct feedback layers.

Then on the last question slide, on the incorrect and correct layers when the click the button to advance, put a trigger to go to remediation if less than 3 and if 3 they move forward.


Tom Kuhlmann

I only created a single variable. 

You only need one number variable that is adjusted on each correct layer. Add 1 when timeline of the correct layer starts,

Then you can advance if it = 3 or go to a remedial area if it is less than 3. There's no need to run a sum calculation.

The variable starts at 0. On the first correct layer +1, and so forth. If they get all three right, var should = 3. If they don't, it will be less than three.