Marker is not showing text box

Jan 18, 2016


I want to add a marker to an image and have a text box with information pop up when a user clicks the marker. When I add the marker the text box does not appear. 

I thought the text box was supposed to automatically appear when you place a marker. 

Am I doing something wrong? 

Did I miss a step?

Can't you add markers to any image?


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Wendy Farmer

Sorry it's not working for you.

You can see from the image of your story file above that I could click marker 2 in edit mode and enter a heading and body text so I don't think your project file is the issue.

have you tried removing the markers and reinserting them?

Can you go through the steps you are doing to insert the marker?



Wendy Farmer

Hi  Wendy

something else you can check which is a marker option called 'audio only' - see if that checkbox is ticked and if so untick it.

i did check the file you uploaded and it didn't see it selected  but it may be in your copy if you have been trying things to make it work.

Janet Guastavino

My markers only work in Preview mode, not in any Published versions. The text content shows up After the slide has  played, as it is transitioning to the next slide, going be too fast to be read. Audio only is not on, and I have clsed and reopened the file several times.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Gary,

Reading back over the conversation, it seems we were never able to get a good example to take a look.

With your permission, I'd like you to share your project file with our support engineers to investigate what's happening. You can share it privately by uploading it here. It will be deleted when troubleshooting is complete.

Lucy Hood

Hi, Did anyone solve this? I keep getting the same thing. Previously added markers are working fine, then out of nowhere when i want to edit the text, i click on it and the label isn't showing at all. The format label info is not even in the tool bar at the top. However when i preview the slide the marker is working fine!!

Picture attached showing the marker is selected but no label to be seen - and no label info in toolbar).

I'm using storyline 360.


(Quick update - I've copy and pasted the marker and now it seems to be working ok...weird.)