Marker label height does not stick

Jun 08, 2016

Hi all,
I searched, but couldn’t find anything related to the problem I am having.
I am using markers to display informational notes throughout my course. I am setting the marker label’s height and width to accommodate my text (without scroll bars). As I am working with my course, I am finding that sometimes the label displays perfectly (appropriate height with no scroll bars), and sometimes the label’s height arbitrarily decreases, cutting off the last few lines of text. This behavior does not seem to be tied to a specific marker but happens randomly. The width remains the same.

I did increase the text font size from 8 pt to 11 pt to improve readability. Any ideas why this might be happening?
Thanks - Lori

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Lori Sullivan

Yes, working locally. Yes, followed troubleshooting steps. The behavior is erratic. See image for one instance. The marker is displayed properly in .story file, incorrectly when published and launched in the intended environment (LMS). However, sometimes I will publish and view in the LMS, see a cutoff marker. When I return to the .story file, it is also cutoff. This is not tied to a particular marker.

I started this project on Storyline 2.7 and upgraded to 2.8 in the middle of development because I needed the translation fix. I have not upgraded to 2.9 because of issues raised by some users and I am close to finishing this particular course.

I will start a support ticket.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Lori -- If you submitted the case more than a few minutes ago, perhaps the confirmation email was redirected to your SPAM folder, so it's always a good idea to check there if you did not received that message. And may I ask, did you use a name other than "Lori Sullivan" to create the ticket?  If you used a different name, that may be why I am not able to locate the ticket. 

Please let us know, and if you do not have the confirmation in your SPAM folder, I would recommend that you might try a different browser to submit a new ticket via this form

Lori Sullivan

I submitted the case almost 2 hours ago under my name using Chrome. Nothing is in spam. Resubmitted ten minutes ago using Firefox, still nothing in mail/spam. Is there a size limitation on attachments? My file is about 19 mg. It looked like it uploaded successfully and the case submitted message displayed both times.

Christie Pollick

I see, Lori -- I appreciate your response, and I just did another search for "Lori Sullivan" and could not locate either ticket. It's peculiar that you are receiving the "submitted successfully" message but we do not have tickets for you on our end, so what I would like to do is create the ticket on your behalf, and you should receive the confirmation email. After that, I will send a 2nd email with an upload link, and if you could pull maybe 1 slide where the behavior is exhibited into a new, much smaller file, perhaps that will help, as well. 

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