Jan 24, 2014


I have a number of markers in my presentation which when the mouse hovers over them the title line of the marker is displayed, but to display the whole text box you would need to click on the marker. This functionality seems built in.

Can I change it so that it will only display when clicked upon, I realise that there's an option to display all on hover but I would like the same for click.

Any ideas? 



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Pedro Fernandez


I can't seem to get it to behave in the manner you described so unless one of the staff knows of a setting or trick to the marker to behave that way you may need to cheat a bit.

  • You can drop a marker on your slide, then place a clear box shape over it (preventing it from being triggered by a click or a hover).
  • You can then set up a trigger for hover and a trigger for click for the clear box (from the previous step)
  • These triggers can be set to show/hide a custom text box (with animation if you'd like), which would approximate the effect you are looking for.

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