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Jun 13, 2013

I like the all Markers that are available in Storline.

There are times that I would like use a Marker without a pop-up box and window and just have the Marker as a icon object so that I can link a trigger to it.

Is it possible to turn-off the pop-up box functionality of a Marker and just have the nice looking icon?


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Jeffrey Riley

There is another option I just learned from Kevin Thorn and Tom Gafford in the Articulate Advanced Certificate program from Training Live and Online. This was a VERY Worthwhile workshop to take (all online) and I was able to apply many of the things I learned right away.

What Kevin taught us was to use a button, but make it a round shape like a marker. Then, you can put any icon on it that you like AND it has states (something markers do not) so you can evaluate if the user has clicked it or not. I really liked this because I needed markers that went to the number 60 but Markers only go to 20.

You can also now use this with variables and conditions.

This would give you a marker without the attendant pop-ups etc. If you would like the pop-ups, then add them as a Hover state.

Wendy Jaehnig

Hi there. I am also trying to use a marker without a label. I've succeeded in making the label transparent and I've also tried the Audio Only version and that seems to work as well, except for one little thing.

The problem is that I am seeing a little grey arrow icon that appears in the corner of the label when I hover over the marker. Does anybody know how to make that go away? (See picture.)

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Wendy,

It looks like part of a scrolling panel. Did you check within the text box of the marker if there are any extra spaces or anything that could be creating that scroll panel? Even if you select "Audio only" the text box is still created on your slide - just nothing will be shown when a user hovers over it or clicks it. 

Ray Mooney

I like to use the markers as objects on my slides for many different reasons than what they were designed for. When I follow these steps I do not see the grey arrow. This produces a nice shape that I can use as a object to assign triggers to. I hope this helps .....

1. Insert the marker you want to use and place it on the slide.

2. This changes the menu display and you are now in the "Marker Tools" menu selections.

3. In the "Label Styles" section change the "Label Fill = No Fill" and the "Label Border = No Outline".

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ruth,

The markers and the icons are at a fixed size in Storyline. How big are you looking to make it?

You could look at creating the same type of effect using a custom shape and a trigger to show the caption on a layer or inside a state when the user hovered over it. Here's a really simple example. I created it in Storyline 2 - but you can upgrade to SL3 or 360 if needed. 

Hope that helps! 

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