Marking Menu List Items so User knows to Review

Aug 26, 2015

Hi... I have a test that I want learners to be able to review before submitting answers.  I have utilized the previous / next buttons, along with a final "Are you ready to submit" screen before the results slide.  What I'd like to add is a check box on each question slide that says "Check to mark this question to review."  I'm hoping there is some way that the check box can trigger a change in the Menu List item (shade it red, for example).  This way, when the learner is ready to review the test, they can navigate just to the questions they've marked instead of having to go through all 40 questions to see which ones they wanted to go back to.  Is this possible?  Any ideas?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Heather,

Are you looking to make a change in the menu associated with the Storyline player? There isn't a way to change how that appears or assign triggers to it - so if you're looking to do something customized you may want to look at creating your own menu on a slide that you could include as a lightbox in your player tab, or using the Storyline SDK to create a custom player. 

Heather Kruskamp

Thank you for your response.  I created a custom menu, and thought I had it working well, but discovered a major flaw in my design.  In order for my question numbers to be the right color (red for review), the slide is set to reset the timeline on revisit.   But this means that if they selected an answer, it erases it.  Is there a way to have the question remain selected, but the other elements revert to the original timeline?

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