Master Results Slide Problem

Jul 08, 2014

My project has 7 content scenes with a quiz and results slide at the end of each. Each quiz must be passed before scene completion is allowed. The scenes are accessed from a gateway menu and can be selected in any order. I have a hidden master results slide set up in a 'utility' scene that calculates results from 'Selected Results Slides' and is set to require that 'User must pass each quiz'. LMS completion tracking is based upon that criterion from that master slide, so when all course quizzes are successfully passed and the course is complete, the LMS should reflect the COMPLETE status from the hidden results slide. The problem is that the LMS doesn't reflect the completion and continues to show INCOMPLETE status. Am I missing a step in this process?

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Jeff Nauman

yes... params are correct for reporting 'Passed/Incomplete'. I did some more work and found that if I forced the student to physically visit the compiler results slide, the correct report is registered with the LMS. However, that's not what I had set out to do- I actually wanted the compiler to work transparently as a hidden slide in the background to report- now I'm not sure if that's possible. If you know a way that can be done, or can point me to a resource or related thread, I'd be much obliged. Thanks for your interest!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jeff,

You'll need to visit that results slide, as there is a trigger on there for "submit results" which is what sends the results to your LMS. You could set it up to immediately jump to the next slide so that the user doesn't see it (or barely sees it) or even you could mask the information on the Results slide, but you'll want to include that slide as a part of what the user has to visit.

It may also be worth viewing this article on troubleshooting common LMS tracking and reporting issues.

Hope that helps!

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