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Jul 05, 2015

I want to put a hotspot on the master slide to pay audio but I want to play different audio on each of slides that use the master. Is this possible?



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Terry Spratt

Thanks, Michael, you got me started on the right path.

This was embarrassingly easy. I created variables and triggers on the master slide to pause/resume the timeline to control the audio on all the slides using that master. After I had it all set up and working perfectly it dawned on me that I just needed to have two markers, a pause and a play. 

  • Clicking the play marker resumes the timeline, changes the state of the play marker to hidden, and reveals the pause marker underneath.
  • Clicking the pause marker pauses the timeline, changes the play marker state to normal hiding the pause marker.
  • By adding a couple more triggers I controlled what happened when the slide gained focus.

I reduced about thirteen triggers to six and eliminated the need for variables. Since there is no other animation on the slide, pausing and resuming the timeline only affects the audio.

The upside of doing all the extra work is it has improved my appreciation of working with variables and triggers on the master slide and hopefully I will have the chance to work with something more complex to take advantage of my new found knowledge. I need to explore layers to see what I can do with them in future too.


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