Master Slide doesn't seem to work with Results Slide, any ideas?

Jan 14, 2015

Bascially, I have a course with some custom menu buttons I built into the master slide. It works fine, except, the Results Slide won't even show the buttons from the master slide. Any ideas how I can get that functionality to work without building a completely new interface just for the Results Slide?

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Emily Ruby

Hello Ian,

Welcome to the community. The slide master should show up in the results slide. In the master view, which slide did you create the buttons on? You may have to use the "layout" button to select a different slide when you insert the results slide.

Please confirm that you are working locally with your file as described here. You could also share your .story file here if you would like us to take a look.

John Wilcox

Actually, with a little playing around, I answered my own question. Since the Results slide automatically goes immediately to the Success or Failure layer, and the layers have "Hide other layers" automatically checked, it was removing the layer in the master slide that contained the menu buttons. 

However, on a different note, when I go back to review the questions after passing the test, some of the questions have question text missing any idea about that one?


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